Here’s What They Say

All my clients have been true gifts to me, here's what they say…

I loved the time I spent with Meryl.  She gave me some great suggestions before our first visit on how to get prepared for working together.  The time she spent with me was so helpful in getting me started on a better path to organization and really getting things done.

What I really loved is the day she came to help me organize my office.  I wanted her to come help when I moved into my new space but she suggested coming to organize my old space before I moved so I wouldn’t have to take with me what wasn’t necessary.  Not only did it create such a sense of peace and harmony in my office, but when I did move to my new space it was so easy!  Moving is usually filled with such stress. 

Meryl’s help eliminated it.  As a salesperson, working smarter by being more organized has really helped my business grow.  Walking into my office and feeling calm and knowing where to find things makes my day, my week and my life so much better!

Meryl taught me to let go of clothes with unnecessary emotional attachment that were clogging my closet. Yes, that dress looked great on that special night 6 years ago, but it no longer fits, it’s out of fashion and you’ve got the photos to remember the evening! She also gave great advice, “Does this portray the image of myself I want to share with the world?” It may be pretty or comfortable, but she’s right, if it’s not the image I want to portray, out you go!

Working with Meryl was truly a pleasure – a surprising statement from someone who often puts home organization at the very bottom of her "to-do" list. As a busy, self-employed mom, keeping my home in order and running smoothly often gets neglected.

Meryl devised several ingenious and highly sustainable solutions for maintaining control over the chaos. Now I'm hooked and can't wait for her to come back to tackle another hot spot.  She's the real deal.

Meryl rides in on her broom with infectious energy and enthusiasm, making daunting organizational tasks feel light and easy. She inspired me to get rid of more things than I expected. And she made it all fun!

I couldn't have transformed my office into a nursery to welcome our first child without her helpful hands. Meryl didn't just make lofty suggestions. Meryl rolled up her sleeves and did the work with me (+ my 9 month belly) rendering her services invaluable. Other organizers I worked with simply made suggestions on what to buy or where to put things. At the end of the day it was not what I wanted or needed.

Having Meryl by my side during this time was like having a best friend to get through a mountain of work. I look forward to working with her again and again. There is never an end to everything that needs organizing!

Meryl helped me organize my closet.  It was a small job, but I'm very happy with the results.  She was very efficient and supportive.

When Meryl was leaving my apartment after her last visit, she told me," Don't forget, the more you get rid of the better you feel."  That mantra has helped me so much between visits.  It's not so difficult to part with the things that I really don't need anymore in my life, AND I feel fabulous!  It's wonderful to do something just for myself that is so productive.

I am so happy for Meryl for her new radio program!!  I'm sure she'll have much success with it.  Having her over to help conquer (or at least curb) my clutter was a joy.  She was nice, personable, sweet, and not judgemental.  I felt like she was just a friend coming over to tackle the dirty work of going through it all.  I definitely need another Meryl visit, not only for her company, but for her skills and patience!!

Meryl you are truly a ray of light… so wonderful and rare.

YOU HAVE SUCH A GREAT ENERGY TO BE AROUND… thanks for all your support and help.

You deserve to have stiletto's on and to realize that your presence on this planet is a gift to everyone that knows you, that's for sure! Thank you for being in my life.

Meryl you are such a talented, vibrant and beautiful woman — inside and out — with so much to offer anyone that has the good fortune to come in contact with you. Your energy is contagious and I'm so happy to know you.

It was truly a pleasure working with you. Your energy and enthusiasm for life are contagious!

Meryl Starr is a star that shines upon us all. She has turned my home and office upside down and inside out; making sense out of it all so that everything is organized, where it belongs, and running smoothly.

Thank you so very much for your incredible help. It was so great having you here and the house is slowly starting to move in another direction.

After looking at your web site and working with you there is no doubt that you absolutely LOVE what you do. It radiates from you and from the pages of your book.

It's like you waved your magic wand… thanks for all your help and support.

Meryl Super Starr, I could not allow you to leave with out just saying a simple thank you. Which I know does not even come close to what you helped accomplish this week in my home and in my heart, it's been an amazing expereince. I feel so energized in my soul and in my spirit. You helped me with my healing in a way I can't even describe to you. Your spirit, your energy and your amazing ability to de-clutter one's life, in such a joyful positive happy way, just makes you more energized to want to make every area of your life like that.

You are incredible so thank you for everything you brought to me and my home this week. We miss you already!

It's been awhile, but you wouldn't believe the transformation that has taken place here. I inherited some of more my grandmother's (Hilda) furniture and it's made a world of difference. I would not have been able to accommodate these newfound antiques had you not put me on the road to jettison unnecessary things. My place is not a finished work of art, but it's getting there. I owe much of this to you. You're as gifted an organizer as you are a conversationalist. In a word, thanks.

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