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To live in a home that is influential and empowering with an uplifting vibe. 
A place where you will thrive, feel supported comfortable and held.
It is a space that should inspire, and motivate you to be your best self.
You want your home energy to have an even flow this is what will open up your creativity and dreams.
As you become conscious and mindful of the presence and impact of energy the importance of clearing clutter becomes clear.
When all the items in our home are things we love the space is naturally filled with positive clear and inviting energy.
Imagine walking into every room and being excited and inspired to be there. The feeling is divine, you are  now in control of your environment and this is a very powerful way to live.

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Meryl Starr is widely recognized as one of the most original, inspiring and motivational personal organizers.She matches her expert organization with intuitive energetic cleansing to evaluate, coordinate and completely rejuvenate your home. 

A natural born organizer, she attributes her success to her keen intuition and ability to understand her clients’ individual needs. 

Using a series of respected and time-honored traditions, Meryl works one-on-one with clients to identify and uncover emotional attachments to their possessions and embark on a gentle, yet effective, path toward releasing what no longer serves them. 

Through the placement and the redesign of the home along with the traditions of Feng Shui she realigns the energy in the home.

Once she connects to your individual energy and to the environment of your home she creates an organized energetic flowing space that meets your energetic needs

Starr leaves spaces clear and her clients feel relaxed, energized and inspired to begin a new lighter way of living.
Her simple and practical teachings have helped thousands of people find inner peace, joy and greater fulfillment in their lives.She teaches workshops on  how to cleanse reorganize and uplift home environments.
Join her on the path to freedom as you clear the energy that no longer serves you and is holding you back from the life you desire. 



Kick Kennedy

“Meryl taught me to let go of clothes with unnecessary emotional attachment that where clogging my closet. Yes, that dress looked great on that special night 6 years ago, but it no longer fits, it’s out of fashion and you’ve got the photos to remember the evening! She also gave great advice, “Does this portray the image of myself I want to share with the world?” It may be pretty or comfortable, but she’s right, if it’s not the image I want to portray, out you go!”


Court Yard

"Working with Meryl is an absolute pleasure, and incredibly productive.  Having engaged Meryl as an event speaker, and as a consultant for organizing my home, I am always impressed with her energy, focus, expertise, and compassion.  It's not always easy to part with the clutter in our lives, but with Meryl you have strategic expertise, hands on help and a supportive partner.  Thanks Meryl, you are awesome"


Loft Apartment Interior

“Meryl Super Starr, I could not allow you to leave with out just saying a simple thank you. Which I know does not even come close to what you helped accomplish this week in my home and in my heart, it’s been an amazing experience. I feel so energized in my soul and in my spirit. You helped me with my healing in a way I can’t even describe to you. Your spirit, your energy and your amazing ability to de-clutter one’s life, in such a joyful positive happy way, just makes you more energized to want to make every area of your life like that.”



“Meryl rides in on her broom with infectious energy and enthusiasm, making daunting organizational tasks feel light and easy. She inspired me to get rid of more things than I expected. And she made it all fun!
I couldn’t have transformed my office into a nursery to welcome our first child without her helpful hands. Meryl didn’t just make lofty suggestions. Meryl rolled up her sleeves and did the work with me (+ my 9 month belly) rendering her services invaluable. Other organizers I worked with simply made suggestions on what to buy or where to put things. At the end of the day it was not what I wanted or needed.
Having Meryl by my side during this time was like having a best friend to get through a mountain of work. I look forward to working with her again and again. There is never an end to everything that needs organizing!”


"The feeling of walking up in a freshly organized home is unlike anything else! The energy flow is unreal, all thanks to Meryl. Once you are ready to do the work, there is no better way to invest in yourself."




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Create a space where you can grow be enriched and thrive each and everyday.

Clearing Clutter Creates Clarity



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