As the owner of Let's Get Organized, Meryl Starr has
done more than her fair share of tidying up, from humble
apartments to the homes of Hollywood celebrities, she has been in business since 1993.

Her diverse roster of clients range from Sports Executives, leaders in Finance, Real Estate
Entertainment and Fashion. She attributes her success to her keen intuition and ability to understand her client’s needs.

Along with her experience and dedication to her work she is an author of two books, the Home Organizing Workbook, and The Personal Organizing Workbook both have exceeded all expectations. Her tips and ideas for home organizing have appeared in numerous magazines and newspapers around the globe.

Meryl specializes in transforming people’s lives. Her clients not only get more organized, but experience the power and freedom that comes along with the work.

Meryl has a unique philosophy, which ensures one to be inspired and motivated. The ideas and solutions she has set forth have proven to be successful, useful easy to maintain and manage.

She teaches courses on organization in addition to lecturing and leading workshops and seminars These programs speak of the benefits of getting organized, the actual process of organization and how becoming organized can transform your life

Meryl’s television appearances included a guest spot on the Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, as well as HGTV and has appeared on several local and national news programs. She also created, wrote, produced and hosted her own radio show Let’s Get Organized with Meryl Starr

She attributes her success to her keen intuition and ability to understand her client’s needs, along with her vast experience and dedication to her work. Meryl spends her days motivating people to simplify their lives ,while offering inspiration and ideas to her clients so they could clear the clutter on all levels.





Failing the Mary Poppins' snap-the-fingers approach to cleaning, here's the next best thing: an utterly practical handbook that offers lasting results for anyone looking to banish clutter from every room in the house. Home organizer par excellence Meryl Starr offers up her hardworking organizing solutions in The Home Organizing Workbook, a straightforward guide to getting organized. The room chapters begin with targeted questionnaires that help the reader identify specific organizational problems, followed by hundreds of hardworking solutions and strategic maintenance tips. Those itching to get started can dive right in with step-by-step organizing projects ranging from quick-and-easy weeknight jobs, like overhauling the spice cabinet, to more intensive endeavors such as reorganizing the bedroom closet. Accessory lists at the end of each chapter feature dozens of the best products available, from lazy susans to shelf dividers, and explain exactly how they can be used to optimum effect in each room, while the extensive resource list shows where to get them. It's a package as tidy as its solutions: concealed Wire-O lay-flat binding, tabbed chapters to take readers straight to their problem area du jour, and full-color, solution-oriented photographs sure to inspire action. Ready to clear that clutter and keep it that way? The Home Organizing Workbook is the ultimate guide to preserving open spaces.



Thanks to Meryl Starr author of the best-selling Home Organizing Workbook and go-to gal for Real Simple, InStyle, and a host of premier media outlets organizing those buried desks, overstuffed handbags, and mysterious-yet-important papers wedged in the glove box is only a book away. The Personal Organizing Workbook teaches the fundamentals of managing time and clutter, offering tips, quizzes, and checklists to help create a personalized organization system that will really see some use (unlike that pricey PDA now gathering dust). It also outlines skills for sticky situations such as declining a post on the PTA or being honest with a time-hogging friend. Under Meryl's guidance, dreams and priorities finally get their due, old friends are seen more than once a year, and Christmas cards beat Santa to the door. And because being organized means staying organized, there's a special section dedicated to getting back on track. Packed with information, with a chic and practical concealed spiral binding and easy-reference tabbed sections, and brimming with gorgeous photography, The Personal Organizing Workbook will inspire readers to take control of their time, their stuff, and their lives.




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